About codemonkeyz

codemonkeyz.com is a blog I’ve been waiting to write for a while now. It contains my thoughts, opinions, and various musings on everything from coding, to management to coffee.

Any opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer. Co-writers incorporated herein by reference and their opinions are also their own and do not express the views or opinions of their employers.

About me

I’m Daniel, I live in Tel Aviv Israel with my wife. I’m an entrepreneur, a software developer and a huge coffee geek. I built my first program in DOS QBasic back in 1995. Afterwards, I’ve continued onto Visual Basic and C/C++ on Windows 3.1. Right now I’m comfortable with pretty much every language out there, provided that it’s open source. While I do love computers, I do find the people that hack on them every day super interesting. In the art of software development, proper management is a somewhat neglected topic which I intend this blog to change (as much as I can).

Stuff I did professionally -

  • Worked on incredibly complex opertional code for the army
  • Maintained the backend for a 100M user service all by myself
  • Became a freelance consultant and worked with dozens of companies on improving their code and processes
  • Started my own company (and eventually sold it)
  • Interviewed over a thousand applicants for various coding positions

About the name

Special reward to anyone who can email me with the actual origin :)


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